Be Ready to Leave at a Moment's Notice

Be Ready to Leave at a Moment's Notice

Get a bug-out bag ASAP

Evacuations are chaotic. Will you be able to get food before people flood into the grocery stores? Will you even be able to drive down the road? Get ready to get out quickly by buying a bug-out bag from Easy Survival Kits.

Our bug-out bags are filled with essential emergency supplies-such as first-aid kits, medical supplies and survival tools-that have a shelf life of up to 25 years. You and your family will be able to survive up to 72 hours in an emergency situation.

Do you know the rule of three?

Every prepared survivalist knows the rule of three and how it relates to an emergency. You can survive three...

  • Minutes without air or in freezing water
  • Hours without shelter in a dangerous environment
  • Days without water-if you have shelter
  • Weeks without food, so long as you have shelter and water

Your bug-out bag comes equipped with supplies that will increase your chances of survival. From water filtering straws to survival guides, we've got you covered. Call 910-599-0599 now to ask about bug-out bag options.